vicious circle

Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance / RIAP

15. 09 – 25. 09. 2016

Le Lieu, Quebec City & VivA! Art for Action, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vicious Circle performance represents the author, spinning ‘in an endless vicious circle’ of life and death. In the circle there is no back or forth, each situation only multiplies the problems and the solution doesn’t exist. This apocalyptic mode is multiplied by other symbols attacking our senses – the unpleasant sound and the strong flashlight bolts in the surrounding darkness.

Part of curatorial text by Radka Nedomová for exhibition Ilona Németh / Gabriela Zigová

Photo: Paul Litherland

Vicious Circle II

Turmoil Excess_ Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM

26. 01. – 28. 01. 2018

Modular+, Berlin

Curated by Inga Ivanova