performance art

For Zigová, the medium of performance represents a form of experiencing. The frequent presence of physicality in her work substitutes cultural-political criticism as a topic and highlights a broader existential undertone. The fact that she had an inclination towards this medium was evident even in her early works —precisely in working with audience or targeted use of other actors. She acquired a greater stability in her performative forms after visiting the festival Transart Communication. On this occasion, one of her fundamentally different works was created— Vicious Circle. Spinning in a vicious circle is a clear metaphor reflecting upon one’s own personal experience as well as an evaluation of one’s social status, which in this performance merge into one. The work provokes rhetorical and over-interpretive questions, such as who the one aimlessly wandering and furiously spinning in a circle could be. Is it a representation of an individual lost in his/her existential problems or a mass of entities lost in the whirlwind of the world? In this work, the author uses the physical act of an intentional loss of balance or stability. By contrast, in the work Balance, Zigová tries to find a stable position on two chair legs. She has adopted this test of stability and she modifies the work itself and repeats it just like the work Vicious Circle. I venture to read it also as a self-portrait goal which she herself determines and tries to overcome or dominate. It’s a sign of her greater identification with the communicated ideas thanks to her own works, thanks to herself.

Lucia Kotvanová for Oskár Čepan 2019