Peter Sulo / Gabriela Zigová

16. 02 – 16. 03. 2018

Photoport Gallery, Bratislava

Curated by Alexandra Barth, Filip Vančo

Peter Sulo and Gabriela Zigová are a couple, both living and creating in their own studios on Cable street in London. It’s a mixture of struggle for survival, constant socialization associated with community life and creative activity that draws on this experience. What we see in Gabriela Zigova’s photographs and Petr Sulo’s paintings is the reflection of their everyday life, records of scenes and situations and of people who define it.

Zigová’s photos are pure snapshots, covering all aspects of her life in London – home / studio, work and private parties or the city itself. If the theme of the exhibition is the everyday life of London, Zigová captures it precisely, from the selection of the displayed to formal aspects of photography. Technical “imperfections” are in sync with whatever is captured on the photos. Everything refers to spontaneous and uncalculated decisions to rip out the remarkable or key moments from the ordinary existence. The photos at the C-hole show represent a diary way of creation, not typical for Zigová. Although her method is documentary, the collection of these photographs reflects back to her own personal experience. She is not outside of the environment as an observer; she is right there with everybody else.

While Zigová focuses more on the informative value of the spatial arrangement and on the depiction of human interaction, Sulo’s interest focuses on individual personalities and depiction of their survival.

Text: Alexandra Barth