photo: Ivan Kalev for Oskár Čepan Award 2019

Gabriela Zigova (b.1989) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (SVK) in 2015, in the Open Studio of Ilona Nemeth. She has been based in London, UK, since 2016.

Gabriela Zigova’s work focuses on exploring and addressing social situations, cultural contexts and political events. Her modes of expression are photography, performance, site-specific and interactive installations which aim to confuse and manipulate the viewers’ perceptions.

For Gabriela, acquiring technical expertise in the medium of photography is merely a starting point. To her, photography is particular in its relationship to reality; it provides a trace, a testimony. This can be the foundation on which the author builds. In many of her works, photography provides the basis for a work which she develops into the form of installation or performance.

Zigova’s practice seeks to use the physical body as a medium to convey particular experiences. The frequent presence of physicality in her work is used to embody cultural and socio-political critique and to reflect on existential concerns.

When creating her works, Zigová draws directly from her personal experience and analyses the circumstances behind them, the implications that result and the paradigms they represent. This self-analysis functions as its own sociological self-portrait.

Currently is based in London (UK) where she joined The Steamship Collective in 2018. In 2019 she has been nominated for prestigious Oskár Čepan Award, where she won visitors’ choice.

2018 Transart Communication, Karlin Studios, Prague


2020 Artist In Residency, backsteinboot, Berlin Germany

2019 Oskár Čepan Award: Nominee, Winner of Visitors’ Choice. Exhibition: Ecology of Desire, East Slovak Gallery, Košice Slovakia

2019 5th Festival of Naked Forms, Karlin Studios, Prague Czechia

2018 Transart Communication, Karlin Studios, Prague Czechia & Manga Centre, Krakow Poland

2018 Turmoil Excess_ Vorspiel, Transmediale & CTM, Modular+, Berlin Germany

2017 Cable Street Studios Arts Festival, London UK

2016 Rencontre Internationale d’Art Performance / RIAP, Quebec City Quebec

2016 V!VA Art For Action, Montreal Quebec


2020 The New Times (Nové časy / Nový čas), Bohéma Gallery, Bratislava Slovakia

2019 The Best Seat Is Taken, A4 – zero space, Bratislava Slovakia

2018 CHe(a)r, Sumec Gallery, Bratislava Slovakia

2018 Dark But Happy Place, Deptford Does Art, London UK

2018 C-HOLE, Photoport Gallery, Bratislava Slovakia

2017 Ilona Németh / Gabriela Zigová, Gallery of Milan Alexander Bazovský, Trenčín Slovakia

2017 You Look Like I Could Use Another Drink, FUGA, Bratislava Slovakia

2015 2009 – 20??, Fresh Men’s Gallery, Bratislava Slovakia

2015 *established model* Magdaléna Gallery 4D, Bratislava Slovakia

2015 [no censorship] A4 – zero space, Bratislava Slovakia


2020 Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release, Nova Cvernovka, Bratislava Slovakia

2020 Timeless Thames, The Steamship PS, London UK

2019 A Room Of One’s Own, Deptford Cinema, London UK

2019 Invisible City, The Steamship PS, London UK

2018 Social Lube, The Workshop Vauxhall, London UK

2018 G – Atlas, 4D Gallery, Galanta Slovakia

2016 Who Wants To Belong In My Country?, Article Gallery, Birmingham UK

2016 0 or 1, The Hive, London UK

2016 Maso Objekt, 4D Gallery, Galanta Slovakia

2015 Private Nationalism, Open Gallery, Bratislava Slovakia

2014 Czechoslovakia, Bunker Nitra Gallery, Nitra Slovakia

2014 Propaganda, Pisztory Palace, Bratislava Slovakia